4 Unique Ideas for Your Child’s Next House Party


Some people prefer to have their kids’ parties in restaurants, amusement parks, and party centres, just as some people choose to throw their parties at home. In all honesty, house parties also come out cheaper ‘cause you shell out less money for the venue. It’s more homey and intimate as compared to renting out another place. The question is, how do you keep the party interesting even when it’s held at home?

Here are 4 party ideas that are not so common but are sure to make everyone enjoy the celebration! The best part? All ideas can be executed in the comforts of your own home.


Showoff Your Talent!

Provide a venue for the children to showcase their talents! Tell the parents to help their children prepare a performance and get ready to share it at the party. It could be singing, dancing, acting, story telling, or drawing. Video all the performances and make a DVD of it. You can use the DVD as a give away, too! To step up the party, you can hire a magician or a clown to bring more amusement to your guests’ faces.


Little Fashionista

Unleash the children’s inner fashionista! Have them put together their own outfits.

Another option is to choose a theme for them to dress up in. Throw a ranch party and see children as cowboys and cowgirls. The kids can have capes and masks while enjoying your superhero party. How about having the kids dress up with an 80s theme? The list is endless!


Mini Masterchef Party

Give the children plain donuts and provide icing, candy sprinkles, and even marshmallows. They can personalize the decoration and share the donuts with their parents. Another idea is to prepare a tray with small bowls of food or bite-sized treats. Blindfold the kids and have them guess what the treat is. Of course, this is all after you have checked with the parents if any of the children have any food allergies.


Whimsical Party

Magic shows never fail to entertain not just the children but the adults as well. Hire a wizard or a fairy to do just the trick! Children can come in their cutest whimsical outfit. Perhaps they can be taught one magic trick that they can impress their friends with. This will surely be a magical party!


Hiring a children’s entertainer can step up any theme or activity you choose for your party. We at Yabadoo Kids’ Parties are at your service! Browse our packages and see what will suit your party best. Contact us and let us know how we can make you party memorable.