Four Eco-friendly Birthday Party Ideas

Four Eco-friendly Birthday Party Ideas

With all the high-tech facilities and digital connectivity, planning a birthday party for your kid could be both convenient as well as challenging. Children tend to be impressionable and they want the fanciest of foods, games and gifts for their special day. Whether you are throwing a party for your kid or attending one, rest assured it’s going to cost you and the environment dearly once the candle is blown.

To make it easy on your pocket and make the party environment-friendly as well, we have listed four innovative birthday party ideas.

Green-themed bash

The location and the theme that you select for your child’s birthday party are crucial for the whole
Image by Mohammad Ammar Iqbal, via Flickr

green-idea to work out. Rather than heading to some expensive restaurant or fancy outdoor location,
search for innovative ideas in and around your home. One way is to plan a thrilling forest (read garden) hunt party. All you need to do is lead your team of young hunters on a trail of finding hidden treasure in the garden. Make sure to start planning in advance and involve your little one in the never-happened-before green-birthday party.

Another way is to inculcate values of sharing and charity in your child while celebrating his/her special day. This might require some budget and planning. Instead of celebrating the same way, head over to any charitable organisation with homemade food and goodies. Even better, invite the usual gang too so that everyone experiences the joy of philanthropy.

Invite the eco-friendly way

Do you want to take the whole green-initiative a notch higher? Send out creative invites, which are beautiful, has a personal touch and saves paper and money as well. Handwritten invites on plantable
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wildflower papers are a unique environment-friendly idea to invite the young guests, plant the paper and see blooming buds and save trees. (Don’t forget to add a note on the method of planting)

If there’s a time crunch, consider sending out fascinating e-invites with pictures of your young one and a preview of the thrilling party-to-be. Facebook events are again a convenient and budget-friendly option to create groups and send out invites. Since you are the admin, you can easily control the event’s visibility and restrict unwanted sign-ups.

Food, beverages and more

During any occasion or get-together, maximum waste is generated from the paper plates and cups,
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balloons, hats and other decorative pieces. Instead of splurging on plastic and disposable wares, visit a garage sale or a local flea market to buy cheap dishware at throw-away prices. Not only can you re-use these utensils, but any damages – common during kids’ parties – won’t cost you much.

Cook up a green-themed snack or dessert. It’s the right time to ditch that sugar-laden cake for healthier alternatives like a homemade carrot cake. Include more vegetables in the birthday feast without losing the flavour – consider cut-fruits and home-baked cookies. Instead of bottled drinks, serve refreshing juices sprinkled with fairy powder (a hint of coloured sugar).

Green goodies

It’s the right time to use old newspapers to decorate as well as create mini goodie bags for the guests to take home. Create, colour, decorate and fill these bags with plant seeds for a memorable keepsake. You can even trade for some art supplies or a creative Popsicle-stick frame to remember the lovely memories of your child’s green-themed Birthday party.

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