How to Keep Kids Entertained at Christenings?


  • Hire a performer

First, understand the age range of the children expected to be in attendance at the christening. This is vital. If it is mostly younger children, nothing keeps them entertained like a clown who will stop at nothing short of funny with his antics.    

There is also the location aspect – you might want to consider hiring a pirate if the reception is going to be held outdoors, by the sea or at a wharf, so as to complete the effect. Other popular characters, face painters, jugglers, superheroes (who doesn’t like ’em?) or wizards could also be potential entertainers at your kid’s christening.

Remember that clowns don’t really appeal to children that are older. A magician, on the other hand, would appeal to almost all age ranges, including adults. If there is going to be a strong percentage of children that are too young to understand a magic trick, consider getting both a clown and a magician. The gender factor could also have a bearing- how about a princess or fairy if there are going to be a lot of girls?

  • Balloons

Kids, especially, the younger ones, love running around with balloons. So if you have a lot of space, all you need is someone who can hand out balloons (a smiling clown would be great), and if that person can make animal and other shapes with the balloons, so much the better

Get a bouncy castle

This is 100% fun, and the only flip side to it seems to be potential injuries caused by a lack of supervision. This can be remedied by simply hiring a princess to oversee tots jumping and bouncing about to their heart’s delight. It is her castle, and therefore everyone is bound to obey her rules.

Colouring book

Young children love to colour their way across life and so this can be a great way to keep them entertained throughout the christening reception. All you need is a table filled with colouring books and plenty of crayons. Worried about fights breaking out even when there is plenty to go about? We all know kids can be, and this too can be taken care of by a superhero standing with his hands at his hips. Not only could he be a monitor, children are less likely to fight when there is an awe-inspiring presence about them. Plus, he could be a great model if all the colouring books have outlines of him in various poses.

All tried and tested to show they don’t work? If none of these works, as seen from personal experience at other christenings, try something different. There are party professionals who organise juggling workshops, magic classes, drama/ theatre sessions and family-based shows, among others.