There is more to a children’s party entertainer then meets the eye

There is so much more to a kids birthday party character then just a person dressed in a costume.

At Yabadoo we pride ourselves on the fact that we are blessed to be able to celebrate some milestone events in children’s lives. These events are attended by both kids and adults.

Our aim is not only to “be the life of the party” but to spread subtle messages that are both empowering and thought provoking. I can already hear the cynical adults saying -“my goodness that seems like a lot to believe!!!”

Well it’s true! And this is how it plays out-

Clowns teach us innocence as well as not to take life so seriously.

Magicians teach us not to believe everything we see and that it is healthy to examine our beliefs. They also teach that anything can be possible.

Princesses teach us that life brings us trials and tribulations and that by facing these adversities it is possible to grow in strength and character. They also teach us about grace.

Fairies teach us not to take for granted the small and magical moments in life.

Superheroes inspire us to to tap in to our secret powers within. They also teach us to take a stand for what is important.

And pirates show us that life is an adventure and there is always hidden treasure to be discovered along the way.

Now – which entertainer do you want at your party?!! Ha ha.

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