Keeping Children Entertained at Grown-Up Events

Birthdays are not the only event we love to celebrate. Baby showers, christenings, and weddings are just some of the momentous affairs we also want to be memorable.  While these are great opportunities to spend time with the people you cherish the most, children guests may be forgotten to have different needs from ours. These precious little ones will always be part of the celebrations we will have, so it would be a great idea to include them in your party planning.

Image by © Dan Pangbourne/Image Source/Corbis

Entertainment does not mean the same for children and adults. What can be entertaining for adults may not be as fun and exciting for children, and vice-versa. You need to think about ways to make them a part of the celebration and have them enjoy it at the same time.

One surefire way of keeping them engaged is by hiring a children’s entertainer. Doing this will make the celebration an enjoyable one both for the kids and the adults. The children can have a designated area where they can interact with the entertainer while the adults mingle amongst themselves.

Here is a list of ideas on how to make the kids a part of your grown up celebration:

  • Spykids

Give them a list of things and people to find (e.g. What is the color of the babies mittens? How many bridesmaids walked the aisle?). You can give a special prize to the kid who gets the most items right, and give gifts to the other kids who had joined in.

  • See the event through their eyes.

Disposable cameras are a wonderful thing. Divide the children into groups and provide each group with a disposable camera. You’ll be amazed at the candidness kids can capture. Who knows, maybe you’ll have one or more shots framed.


Image by © Charles Gullung/Corbis

  • A celebration within a celebration

Throw a party specifically for the children. Book an entertainer who is trained to keep the children amused and pre-occupied during the main celebration. The kids will have a blast with the age-appropriate games and activities, while the adults are busy enjoying their time together. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

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