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Yabadoo Kids Parties is a premier entertainment provider in Adelaide offering children’s party entertainers and performers for kids of all ages.

Hire Kids Party Entertainers in Adelaide

Whatever your cause of celebration, we have attractive and affordable kids party packages and highly skilled children’s entertainers to choose from to make your special day unforgettable. So if it’s a crazy clown, a marvellous magician or an ethereal fairy you need, our kids entertainers are ready to perform at your next event.

Book a 1.5 hr or 2 hr Birthday Party
& receive a magic show!

Need help planning for your child’s next birthday party? This checklist may give you some quick steps to follow:

4-6 Weeks Out

  1. We recommend that you start planning at least 4-6 weeks before the event.
  2. Things you need to finalise at this point include: date, time and budget.
  3. Build the initial guest list (include family, friends and classmates). This list may still change but it would be good to have an estimate on the number of people attending.
  4. In case you are not having your kid’s birthday party in your own home, this would also be a good time to select and book the desired venue.
  5. Begin brainstorming ideas including themes and activities.
  6. Looking to hire children party entertainers? At Yabadoo, you can choose from our 7 characters: clown, fairy, magician, pirate, princess, superhero and wizard.
  7. Start planning for the menu. Any special dietary requirements to cater for?
  8. What about the party décor? Are you buying this or making your own? You can also check out our affordable birthday party decorating ideas.
  9. Finally, create your invitations and send them out to your guest list.

2-3 weeks out

  1. Make or buy thank you cards.
  2. Birthday party supplies and décor – make a list of what you need. Identify items you already have.
  3. Need more items for your event? This is the time to purchase or borrow.
  4. The weather in Adelaide can be unpredictable. Be prepared and organise a wet weather plan.
  5. Confirm your bookings for the venue, food and kids’ party entertainment.

1 week out

  1. Do you already have a present for the birthday child? This is a good time to go out and get that special gift.
  2. Start following up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d to get a final headcount.
  3. Organise the stuff needed eg – tables, chairs, serving dishes, etc.
  4. Order the cake and balloons.
  5. Buy the non-perishable food and drinks. Also, store food that can be frozen over the next week.

2 days before

  1. Don’t leave this at the last minute – start preparing the party bags!
  2. Get ready to take lots of photos of the kids with the children’s birthday party entertainers. So, make sure to charge the camera batteries.
  3. Start purchasing the perishable food items.
  4.  Finalise any last minute arrangements with your entertainer.

1 day before

  1. Start preparing the food, and refrigerating the drinks.
  2. Go safety first – clean the house / venue plus childproof the party area.
  3. Finalise the party agenda including all the games and activities.

Day of the party

  1. Finish any last-minute food preparations (including any food that needs to be reheated) and set up the food table.
  2. Pick up the cake and balloons.
  3. Choose the background music and games.
  4. Remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the special day!
  5. And of course, you need to clean up after.

3 days after

  1. Write and send out the thank you cards to all who attended.
  2. Send photos to relatives and friends.


Yabadoo Kid's Parties

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Whether it is your child’s birthday or a special event, we can provide clowns, magicians, fairies, face painters, princesses, super heros and many other characters as well as rovers, family shows, stage shows, juggling workshops, drama classes, magic workshops and much more.

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