We love it when customers call to ask questions or send emails to clarify things they do not understand. It gives us an opportunity to interact with them.

One of the questions frequently asked is: Will one entertainer be enough for up to 22 kids?

Yes, one entertainer is enough.

Our clowns, magicians, fairies, princesses, superheroes and all other kids party characters are trained to see if the kids at the birthday party are getting restless. They will then shift gears and do something else to capture the children’s attention. The magic show is interactive – the kids are encouraged to participate, the balloon twisting is colourful and the games will keep the kids entertained with squeals of delight. Many kids party companies will recommend putting two party entertainers on for 16 + children. Whilst it is always nice to have a helping hand it is not always necessary and often adds an unecessary expense for parents who have a limited budget. We have designed our party packages to handle larger numbers of children without sacrificing quality.