Party Planning for the Eco-Conscious Family

Hey there, party planners and eco-warriors! Here at Planet Party, we’re celebrating Earth Day (22 April) with a compilation of our favourite eco-friendly party ideas! Because what better way to honour our planet than by throwing a sustainable kids’ party!
At Yabadoo, it’s important to us to make the best memories we can, and of course the better we take care of Mother Earth the more memories we can make.

So, let’s get into what you need to plan a party that will be sure to turn your guests green with environmentally friendly inspiration!


Invitations: Start as you mean to go on by sending out digital invitations rather than paper ones (plus, less chance of them getting lost between the schoolbag and your fridge)! There’s heaps of options, from simply creating a whatsapp group for your party parents to using Paperless Post or Canva to create a fun and custom invite. Save the trees and reduce waste, win win!

Decorations: Here’s your new mantra (aka the three R’s): Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Rather than buying new decorations, why not turn it into a craft project with recycled materials and DIY your decorations. Get the kids involved by making paper chains, paper lanterns, pom poms or origami shapes with recycled paper. Or have them fill recycled jars (think breakfast spread jars) with flowers, fruit or plants for some cool table centrepieces. You could turn old newspapers into paper flowers, or take a walk outside and collect some pine cones to pop into bowls, or string pretty autumn leaves together for a wonderful natural garland. Or go through your bags of old clothes and cut the fabric into squares or triangles to make fabulous bunting that can be reused for future parties.

Tableware: No more plastic plates or cutlery for you. Now you’re sustainable, it’s time to invest in biodegradable or compostable tableware made from the likes of bamboo or sugarcane. The planet will love you for it and the rustic charm is just an added bonus!


Food & Drink: Keep it local. Sourcing your snacks and beverages from nearby suppliers will reduce the carbon emissions from transportation.

Activities: Why not theme the party with an eco-conscious edge? Include a craft station of recycled materials and see what the kiddies come up with. Let one of our fabulous entertainers take the youngsters on nature scavenger hunt if your party is in a park or there’s access to a garden. Or perhaps make like Professor Sprout (one of our entertainers could don a gardeners ensemble) and have each child plant seeds in biodegradable pots to take home.

Lolly Bags: Eschew the bag of plastic rubbish (it all gets tossed out anyway) and perhaps send your guests home with a small potted plant, or a packet of seeds, or even a canvas tote bag (perhaps they’ve decorated it themselves while at the party)!

The Cleanup: Once the party’s over, make sure to properly dispose of any waste and recycle as much as possible. Encourage guests to take leftovers home in these compostable boxes (insert link: or compost any food scraps

Now, not only have you thrown the greatest sustainable kids’ party, you’ve also passed the baton onto the next generation, teaching them the importance of caring for their environment. And most importantly, you’ve shown them that looking after the planet can also be super fun!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!