Party Planning Checklist

Planning a party becomes a whole lot easier when you have a checklist on hand. Since everything you need to do is already written down, there’s less thinking involved and no details will get overlooked. Start planning your kids party as early as 6 weeks before the big day and enjoy the process!


6 Weeks Before

*  Choose a party theme with your child.

*  Set the date and time.

*  Make the guest list – family, friends, neighbors, classmates, etc.

*  If you are not hosting at home, select and book the venue.

*  Create the party agenda. You may or may not follow it precisely on the day of the party, but it helps to have a guide you can refer to.

*  Book entertainment – magician, bouncy castle, etc.


4 Weeks Before

*  Plan the menu. Want the kids to eat more fruit and veg? Check out these healthy party snacks.

*  Plan the party decor. See our easy and affordable party decorating ideas.

*  Plan the games and activities.


3 Weeks Before

*  Make or buy invitations and thank you cards. Here are 10 free invitations you can print at home.

* Send out the invitations.

*  Check what party supplies and decor you already have in the house. Purchase or borrow whatever else is needed – favours, decorations, kitchen utensils, etc.


2 Weeks Before

*  Make a grocery shopping list.


1 Week Before

* Confirm with your entertainer and other suppliers.

* Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet to get a final headcount.

*  Order the cake and balloons.

*  Prepare the tables, chairs, serving dishes, and other supplies to be used at the party.

* Buy non-perishable foods and drinks. Prepare those that can be frozen for the next week.


2 Days Before

*  Prepare the favour bags.

*  Charge your camera batteries.

* Purchase perishable foods.


1 Day Before

*  Prepare any remaining food.

*  Refrigerate the drinks.

*  Clean your house and childproof the party area.

* Hang the party decorations.

*  Set up the games and activities.


Day of the Party

*  Finish any last-minute food preparation.

Set up the food table.

Pick up the cake and balloons.

*  Reheat any food that needs warming.

*  Have fun!

Clean up after the party.


3 Days After

*  Write and send thank you notes to your guests.

*   Send party photos to relatives who live far away.


You did it! Congratulations for throwing a successful party! Don’t forget to thank your guests and share photos with family members who couldn’t make it.