Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy it.

It is my pleasure to be writing today and reflecting on the huge success and thousands of children’s parties our kids party entertainers have serviced since Yabadoo started.

Yabadoo started with just myself and a couple of other entertainers who had been performing for many years. I saw the benefit of touching even more children’s (and adult’s) lives through my unqiue style of entertainment by training entertainers on mass and giving them the benefit of my years of experience (that took me years to learn). It is so rewarding to receive amazing feedback from the parents and to hear how not only their child enjoyed the party (and still talks about it) but also the adults enjoyed the party as well. For that was always our aim – to share our particular style of bithday party entertainment with the children and also the little child in each adult 🙂

Back when Yabadoo first started we opened in Sydney and now years later we are in 8 separate cities and to my knowledge are the largest children’s party business in Austrlia. I look forward to sharing lots of suprises, information and funny times in the pages to come.