Are Yabadoo clowns scarey?


We get this question all the time and the answer is a definate NO!. They are colourful, funky, child friendly, whimsical characters that make us laugh. However it is very interesting that a stigma has been attached to clowns being scarey. Where did this evolve? Historically and in tribal societies clowns were valued as the “healers” of society. If a village man was being overly proud, the clown in the village/tribe would imitate them in such a delightful and humourous way that they would literally be able to laugh at themselves. The clown was “licensed” to point out peoples frailities and imperfections in a way that their friends and loved ones may never been able to do. They lived their art by donning these masks of human nature and playing them out in way that we could all relate too and laugh at.

The creation of the scarey “clown myth” was most likely popularised by the movie industry that capitalised on the ploy that the clown was not wearing the mask BUT was in fact the mask – which beared all the unpleasent and miserable parts of being a human.

Hollywood clowns are often depicted wearing a full face mask of white paint with black, red and other daunting colours. This leaves no trace for humanity. Infact many kids party companies have their clowns modelled on this look. Consequently children do not trust clowns as they appear so alien.

At Yabadoo Kids Parties our clowns for hire wear minimal face paint so that everyone can see that the clown has a mask but is not the mask. This means that the children can relax and have fun. We pride ourself on that fact that when leaving a children’s birthday party we often get told by the parents that they believe that they laughed even more then the children. To spread joy and delight to the big child in everyone has always been our aim!! This is our motivation to keep doing what we do and the fact of the matter is that we love our work.


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