Avast Ye! Pirate Invitations Are On Deck!

Ahoy, me hearties! Are you looking for the best way to invite your guests to your pirate party? Well, search no more ‘cause we have some great, easy ideas for you. So choose the most suitable invitation, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

Message in a Bottle Invitation

  1. Grab some old soda bottles, wash and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Decorate a piece of paper with pirate stickers or drawings like a treasure chest or an eye patch.
  3. On the decorated paper, write your party details.
  4. Roll up the paper and tie it with a red ribbon or string paper. Make sure it’s secured so your guests won’t have a hard time getting it out of the bottle.
  5. Put it inside the bottle. Decorate the bottle as needed. You may put sand and small shells inside the bottle for added effect.

Treasure Map Invitation

  1. Cut jagged edges on a piece of paper. For best results, use a beige cardstock or brown construction paper. This will give an illusion of a burned paper.
  2. Draw a map of your neighborhood.
  3. Mark your house with a big red X.
  4. On the other side of the paper, write your party details
  5. Address your friends by name: Ahoy, Mark!

Skull and Bones Invitation

  1. Cut a rectangle out of decorative or construction paper
  2. Cut jagged edges on a white cloth that’s about an inch smaller (from all sides) than the decorative paper. Hot glue them together.
  3. Cut out skull and bones out of construction paper, and hot glue it at the top center part of the invitation.
  4. Write your party details on the white cloth.
  5. Decorate as needed.

Gold Coins Invitation

  1. Put gold coin shaped chocolates inside a small jar.
  2. Cut out skull and bones out of black construction paper. Hot glue it to the jar.
  3. Make a tag and write your party details on it. Punch a hole on the edge.
  4. Use cloth to cover the jar. Secure it with a ribbon.
  5. Before tying your last knot, insert one side of the ribbon into the tag’s hole. Tie last knot.

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