Five Hot Corporate Event Trends

Keep employees, clients, customers and stakeholders happy at corporate events by incorporating one or more of the hottest corporate event trends of 2015. Let’s get straight to it with our top-five list.

Company picnic Picnics are an old-favourite that are increasingly becoming popular with corporations again. Not without good reason. Organisations can derive tangible ROI by entertaining employees outside of the workplace. The most recent trend in company picnics is multi-day outings (typically over the weekend) with pre-booked entertainment and games. Another trend that is gaining steam is setting up carnival games, such as arts and crafts tables or magic workshops at the venue. To ensure the picnic is organised with no glitches, be sure to choose a venue, finalise the date, hire a caterer and book entertainment at least 15 days in advance

Corporate events for a cause

Corporate events for a cause serve two distinct, but equally important purposes. One, they help your company deliver its corporate social responsibility. And two, they help boost employee motivation, retention and satisfaction through team-building. You can organise say, a cooking for a cause event where teams participate in a cook-off, where the food, or proceeds from the food is used for charitable purposes. The winning team is given a non-monetary award to celebrate their success. You can also try scavenger hunt for a cause, biking for a cause, face-painting for a cause, and so on.

Corporate events for the family

Organising events for the family of employees, also known as family fun days, is another popular trend in this part of the world. It is again, tied closely to significant ROI that corporations can receive by showing they care about contributing to family happiness as well. The fact that fun family fun days are rather easy to organise has also enhanced its popularity among companies.

Corporate events with a theme

Corporations are increasingly upping the ante with theme-based corporate events. Recent trends include themes related to food, games, activities, or decor. For instance, around-the-states and around-the-world cuisine themes have gained leverage at company parties. Popular choices in games and activities include magic-themed events, pirate-themed events, even superhero-themed events where employees and the family arrive in theme-centric getup and indulge in theme-centric games and activities.

Unique, off-beat venues Corporations are also moving past the traditional banquet halls, religious institutions, or hotels and resorts with ready-made event packages. They are increasingly opting for venues that are unique, relate-able or those that help make a statement. Old-style mansions and community centres, forgotten parks, warehouses, college campus hotspots, restaurants or statement function centres to make the event memorable on multiple levels.