Putting the fun in to family fun days

Putting the FUN in Family Fun Days

For companies, corporate family fun days are an opportunity to thank employees and their families for their hard work and support, while reinforcing team building and brand loyalty. The purpose shouldn’t be just to show up for a free lunch and some small talk, but aimed at involved and enjoyable interactions of some meaningful value. That’s why it is essential that you plan the event keeping the preferences and expectations of your employees and their families in mind. Here are some ideas on putting the fun in family fun days.

Understand their likes and interests

Before the event, distribute a questionnaire to employees to figure out their kids’ ages, partners’ likes/dislikes, entertainment preferences, and other relevant questions. This will help you brainstorm on potential entertainment packages to engage and enthral eFor an electric, carnival-like atmosphere, make sure you include a slushy machine, a popcorn machine, snow cones and fairy floss that kids will love and that will bring out the kid in adults. Of course, it goes without saying that you should book an outdoor venue where there’s lots of space to run and frolic around.

Decide on a theme

The easiest way to put the fun in family fun days is to organize it around a theme. A themed event, though not a novel concept, offers a ton of entertainment value. The kids, in particular, will love to see Jedi knights, pirates, superheroes and their favourite Disney characters rubbing shoulders with them! It is always a good idea to hire children’s entertainers to keep the little ones excited and happy.

Provide assorted entertainment

If you don’t want to stick to one theme or risk a single dull moment throughout the event, a variety of entertainment options can do the trick. A roving clown and roving balloon sculpting hire, for instance, can provide laughs and creative engagement. A magic show can warm the attendees’ up and serve as an ice-breaker, and before you know it, kids will be standing in line to get their faces painted! Another advantage with assorted corporate entertainment options is that people are bound to like some if not another. For instance, an employee’s 16-year old son may not be amused by a clown, but he’ll definitely be intrigued and entertained by roving pocket magic!

Corporate games

Some games can involve both adults and kids, while others can be exclusively designed for adults (team-building). Here are some ideas:
In the classic family day of egg toss, parents and kids are lined up facing each other in parallel rows. First, they stand only a foot apart, and then back up a step after passing the egg back and forth. The winning team is the one that throws the egg back and forth the longest without breaking it.
Blindfold matrix maze is a team-building game where one blindfolded member from a team of two must get through a maze as quickly as possible, with directions from the other team member. Communication, control, risk and speed will play a role in helping teams win.

What do you think of our ideas on putting the fun in family fun days? Do you have any experiences to share? Comment today!

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