Five ideas on organising a christening


Christening is a usually a big day for everyone involved – right from the baby to the baby’s godparents. However no one feels the stress quite as much as the new parents. As the parent of the child to be christened you have several responsibilities on your shoulders.

Christening marks, among other things, the first formal introduction of your baby to the world. And you want to get it done right. But organising a christening is no easy task, especially so soon after having a baby. Life changes a little after the addition of a new baby and the pressure of planning a huge event can add to the distress.

The good news is, it is perfectly okay to organise your baby’s christening as a small family affair. That’s how it should be in fact – a restrained family celebration and not carefree merrymaking with loud music and overflowing alcohol. Christening is a religious event after all.

One effective way to organise a christening easily and successfully is to use this christening check list. It will help you ensure you don’t miss any important steps along the way. If you have a lot of children coming, or you want to ensure all guests truly enjoy themselves, you will have to plan for entertainment and activities separately. Here are five ideas for the same:

  1. Turn it into a tea party

This works well when you’ve invited only the closest group of friends. Because tea parties are easy to set up, you are free to choose the venue closest to the church where your baby was christened. This means a nearby park, the local community center; hotel, spa or your own house will be perfect.

Make all seating arrangements around tables, including those for children. Set out cups, saucers, kettles, pastries and other tea party essentials on the table. Place kids-friendly kettles, cups and cutlery on the children’s table. Use neat, elegant colours for decorating the venue throughout and there you have it – one of the classiest christening parties ever.

  1. Host an angel-themed party

Angel-themed christening works great if you’re having the christening party at your own home or in a restaurant or hotel. This way you can control the environment completely, ensuring everything stays within the overall angel theme. Set the mood and the tone of the party with soft, pastel colours such as white, blue, pink, turquoise or peach. Use balloons, laces, wings, bows, ribbons, tiny candles and other soft, warm props for decoration.

You can create a heaven-like atmosphere with the use of artificial lighting and cloud. Request the godparents to dress in whites, like angels. Here’s a great photo gallery displaying the angel-themed christening dinner organised by a couple for their daughter. Though the couple live halfway across the globe, you can use their theme for inspiration. You could hire a fairy to bless your baby and all the kids in the function.

Consider outside catering 

Inviting guests over for a short picnic in the park is another great appropriate idea for organising a christening. You can use floral or garden-themed cakes, dishes, balloons, napkins, gift bags and other decorations to create a light, relaxed and peppy atmosphere. The children will be able to run around and have fun while the adults can help themselves to some light music and games such as housie or charades. You can also have a dove release ceremony or a tree planting ceremony to commemorate the occasion. 

  1. Try out the baby elephant-themed christening party 

Baby elephant-themed christening events are all the rage right now. Take a quick look at the supplies and you’ll see exactly why. Choose blue for boys and pink for girls. You can easily impress both kids and adults with these adorable little baby elephants logoed on everything from banners,  invitations and gifts to table covers, plates, cups, napkins and more. Don’t forget baby elephant cakes and cupcake toppers.

  1. Or pull out all the stops with the superhero-themed christening party

Now this one’s quite the ‘innovative’ idea for christening. How about using a superhero theme? You can coordinate the outfits of your baby and godparents to replicate your favourite superhero family. The guests can be adorned with simple superhero wearables (capes, masks and more) as well. Use helium balloons, banners, posters, party bubbles and other in-theme decorations to create the environment. You can also hire a superhero or two for the occasion. Be sure to have the superhero and the superhero-godparents take pictures with your baby in costumes.







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