How to create kids party games?

How to Create Kids Party Games
One of the core attractions of any children’s party are the party games. Whilst kids may look forward to the party favors and goodie bags they get to bring home, the games are often a highlight. Here are some tips for mums out there to consider.
• First is talk to the party child and ask her or him what kind of games they would like during the party. Of course kids will make their own fun but leaving them to their own devices can often lead to harm and trouble.
• Second, put yourself into their shoes. Do not make the mistake of choosing a game for the simple reason that you had fun with it when you were still a kid.
• Consider what kids are most familiar with so that you will not have difficulty when gathering them around or making them participate.
• It is important that the games do not use harmful objects like pointed things, small and easy to swallow objects, and materials that stick on their clothes and are difficult to remove.
• Keep it simple. Remember that kids have a very short attention span. The simpler the rules, the better so that it is easy for them to recall and perform.
• Think age appropriate. If your child has different friends in varying age groups, then you must balance the games so that 5 year olds will not fight it out with 10 year olds.
• Do not overload the kids with games. Remember that kids’ parties usually last 1-3 hours long so a good variation of activities is needed to hold everyones attention
• Have some extra rewards as there will be kids who will ask for the same prizes even if they did not win.

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