How to plan a birthday party for your child!!!

1) choose you party theme – It is always nice to ensure that the birthday child has a choice of parties to choose from. From experience we have been told that the littlies often change their minds so it is often good  to offer parties that are more generic in nature such  as. If there is a fair balance of girls and boys then a gender balanced party works well such as inviting a clown or magician or even having a princess and a pirate attend your party.


2) Next decide on your date and check you can find a venue for it. (That’s if you’re not having it your children’s party at home)


Next is the venue. It will not be funny to have a party with no indoor area as a back up especially if it is raining. So if you are not having your kid’s party at home, your next course of action is to decide whether you will have the party in a restaurant, park, daycare center, etc.


As soon as all these are confirmed – date and venue, then it is time to send out the invitations. The earlier you send out the invitations the better. Try to send the invitations 3-4 weeks before your kid’s party so that the parents can plan ahead.


4) Date: check, Venue: check, Invitations: check. Now is the time to choose you the entertainer for your party. To help you out with your decision, just click on this link and you will see several characters you can choose from. Not everyone would want an entertainer though. So if you are one of those, then it will be best for you to list activities you can do with the children during the party.


5) Other things to consider

  1. Party theme – Children love to play dress up. So what better way for them to live out their fantasy than by dressing up according to the theme of your party. You can request them to come as a fairy or an elf, a superhero, a clown, pirate etc. Just do not forget to mention this in the invitation.
  2. Decorations – butterflies hanging down the ceiling for a fairy party, swords ships on the wall for a pirate party, the ideas are endless! Your decorations should compliment the party theme. However, this is not mandatory. Nice to have though. Just imagine the children’s eyes light up when they enter the room!
  3. Party plates – might as well go all the way J


If you’re looking for a good children’s entertainer in Australia in any of the states then Yabadoo Kids Parties offers loads of themes for childrens parties.


7) Now that we have decided on the theme and decors, what a nice way to end the party by bringing in a themed birthday cake! This website has a section containing birthday cakes that will blow your mind away!


The ideas are endless! You can even make it a family activity – one decides on the invitation lay-out, another the room decors etc. Planning a party can be fun!


We can provide the entertainer to make it more fun! Yabadoo Kid’s Parties have entertainers around Australia and you can choose from the themes that we currently have.


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