How to throw an Inexpensive Children’s Party


Many families like to go all out when celebrating their child’s birthday, renting an expensive venue, hiring extravagant entertainment, and splurging on catering. And while there’s nothing wrong with huge celebrations, not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, it’s possible to have a fun and meaningful children’s party even with a small budget. There are plenty of ways to let your child and their friends have a good time while spending less. Here are some tips that will teach you how to throw a successful party without breaking the bank.

– Keep the guest list short. Obviously, the more kids you invite, the more food and utensils you’ll need. Cutting the guest list is the quickest way to cut the budget. So how many children should you invite? Some families let their kid invite one friend for how many years old they’re turning (for example, seven guests for a seventh birthday). Having a small group over also allows your child to spend quality time with their friends.

– Throw the party between lunch and dinner time. If you have the party at lunch or dinner time, you’re expected to provide meals. But if you throw the party at say, 2 or 3 pm, you can get away with just serving snacks and drinks, which is more budget-friendly.

– Skip the paper invitations. Personalized stationery cost extra, plus you have to pay for postage. Instead, use free online invites.

– Host at home or a free venue. It’s a no-brainer that renting a venue will set you back big time. The most cost-effective options are your own house or a public park with a playground.

– Bake your own cake. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can then have the birthday kid and their siblings decorate it.

– If you can’t bake, buy a plain cupcake for each child and have them decorate it.

– Skip the favour bags. If you feel bad about not providing goodies for your guests, you can ask them to not bring any gifts. Or you can just stick to giving one useful item to each child, such as a box of crayons or a pack of vegetable seeds – whatever suits your party theme and the kids’ age.

– Simple decorations will do. A birthday banner with a neutral colour scheme can be reused year after year. Balloons are also an inexpensive way to instantly add some festive cheer to a room.