Should You Host at Home or Rent a Venue?

Location is crucial when hosting any event. Where you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday, christening, or other special occasion can make or break its success. Below are some important questions to ask yourself when deciding between hosting at home and renting a venue. Just remember that there are pros and cons to either option and that there is no single right or wrong answer. Identify the items that matter the most to you, then base your decision off of those.

When would you like to throw the party?

If you’re hosting at home, you can have your children’s party whenever you want. If you’re thinking about hosting at a venue, you’ll need to check first if it’s available on your preferred date. Do note that venues also have time limits.

What is your budget?

Hosting at home is of course the more affordable option, since you don’t have to pay any rental fees. While there are other costs involved in throwing a party at home, you have more control over your expenses and can keep them down to a minimum.

How many people are on the guest list?

If you plan on inviting lots of friends and family but live in a cozy house, then your home may not be the best place to host a party. Is there large open space for the kids to run around? Are there enough tables and chairs for every person? Venues are built to fit a large number of people that your home may not be able to accommodate. Moreover, parking can be an issue in residential areas, whereas some venues even provide valet services.

Have you decided on the decorations?

Some venues have decoration restrictions. When hosting at home, you can decorate however you like.

Are you willing to clean before and after the party?

Unless you’ll be hiring a cleaning service, be prepared to tidy up before the guests arrive and after they leave when hosting at home. Keep in mind that spills and messes are inevitable at children’s parties. Most venues are cleaned for you before and after the event, though some charge a cleaning fee.

Whether you decide to host your child’s birthday party or christening at home or at a venue, it’s always a good idea to hire entertainment for the kids. Having a professional magician or clown at the party will allow everyone, including you, to enjoy the party even more.

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