Looking to add some flair and magic to your party so that it is different from other parties children have attended?

Escape to Fairyland

If your looking for a kids fairy party with imagination and enjoyment then consider creating your own fairyland – there’s so much freedom and it allows for lot more play possiblities for the littlies.
You can pitch up a “fairy” tent in the garden and put inside it random fairy objects (little crystals, feathers etc). The possibilities are endless and will lure the children in to the tent to make believe they are fairies on their own adventure.
You could have a craft table under a tree with wand making and fairy hair garland rings etc. You can hide fairy treasures all over the garden for the kids to search for. Purchase some fairy costumes and accessories and pile them on a table under a tree or in a dress up corner for the kids to try on. Ofcourse to top it all off why not organise a Yabadoo fairy to come to your party to enchant the children with magic, storytelling and much more!

Pirates & Princesses Parties

So you have been to a princess party but want to cater for all the boy and girls at the party this time – why not have a pirate/ princess party?
Pirates and Princesses actually complement each other quite well so why not add that extra flare at your party with a do it yourself pirate cardboard box pirate ship or a do it yourself cardboard Princess castle. Have a crafty table to make pirate hats or a a treasure chest with princess jewels splurging out of it. Heck you could even have a pirate map and the X marks that marks the spot could tell the kids that the jewels are hidden under the cardboard cut out princess castle you make.
Top it all off with a Yabadoo princess and pirate and you have a boys and girls party full of adventure, magic and storytelling that will last for years.

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