What an amazing year it has been!

As I reflect on the last year we have I could not be more in awe of what a wonderful job we all have. We have so many talented pirates, princesses, fairies, clowns, wizard, cowboys, magicians, super heroes and other kids party entertainers that have brought so much fun and delight to so many children’s faces across Australia. I think we have the best job in the world. We have been in the habit of sending out feedback forms to all the parents who have hired one of our children’s party entertainers and have been fortunate enough to get glowing recommendations. Every blue moon a party may not go off great and we use that feedback to make some changes or let go of the entertainer if their performance is not meeting the standards we require. This way we continue to ensure we are continually succeeding with the marvelous kids party entertainment we provide and we ensure we have top quality entertainers.

Wishing you all the best new year, seasons greetings and a safe and happy Holiday.

Judith Flaxman

Yabadoo Team Manager

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