What is the best time to have the party?

Ideal time? There is no set rule on this. However, when planning a kid’s party, make sure that the time you choose will be one that will allow most of the people you invite to attend. It will be no fun to have a party with no guests attending.

Weekend parties will always be the best. It is the time for the kids (and parents as well) to have a break from a busy week. So don’t plan your party too early since the people you plan to invite would love an extra hour in bed. 10am would be fine, 11am would be better. If you prefer an afternoon party, 3pm will be a good time to start so that the kids will be able to get home early. Being a weekend, the parents might also have made plans to go on a date, so ending the party not later than 5:30 pm will not hamper their date plans.

Some parents would schedule a weekday party for their kids. Doing this will enable the children to celebrate with their friends from school. Inviting the guests will be easier since they are already at the venue (if you want the party done at the daycare center or at your kid’s school).

Having a party on weekdays will also give you the chance to make other plans with your family for the weekend, thus making weekday parties the new trend.

Since there is a lesser demand for weekday parties, some companies offer a different rate – one that is lower than that of parties done on weekends.

Now the choice is yours! Whatever your plan is, Yabadoo will make the preparations as stress-free as possible by providing everything needed to have an entertainment that the children (and parents) will love! So please click on the link below to see the packages that we offer.

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