Five Creative Ideas for Your Six-Year Old’s Birthday Party

 The three secret ingredients of throwing an exciting birthday party for your six-year old is fun, loads of it and then some more. At six, if there is anything your child looks forward to the entire

Five Creative Ideas for Your Six-Year Olds Birthday Party - Image1- Jinx

year, it is his/her birthday, favourite vanilla-flavoured cake (or chocolate, anything sweet actually), the bountiful presents and loads of fun with friends. In case you are running out of ideas to make your turning-six-year-old birthday extra special for your kid, run through the following list of tips.

1. Backyard carnival

Turn the empty lot behind the house or the attached garden and backyard into a secret jungle with treasures to discover and hunt. Keeping in line with the theme of the party suggest exciting dress code and roles like pirates, favourite cartoon characters, fairies and so on. Once the initial plan has been checked out, all you need to do is direct the kids into the various games like obstacle race, finding the treasure or other fun activities. To ensure the spirit of the carnival stays with your guests, make sure every pirate or superhero discover a treasure (goodies and mini gifts)

  1. Go as you like

 Most kids enjoy costume parties. So if you have a budding rock star in your family or an aspiring Miss Universe, it will be a dream come true event for them. From designing costumes to getting in the character, your child will enjoy the whole process even before the actual party begins. Complement the bash with finger-licking snacks and games involving a cool character-styled party. The best part will definitely be the photographs with Cinderella, Spiderman and Bugs Bunny in the same frame.

Five Creative Ideas for Your Six-Year Olds Birthday Party - Image2-epSos

3. Art attack

Warning – get set for some colour splash! If you can’t get the entire indoor space wrapped in a temporary cover, it’s advisable to take the party outdoors. With toy guns loaded with coloured water (Make sure the colours are natural and skin-friendly) and shields made out of cardboard, let the

Five Creative Ideas for Your Six-Year Olds Birthday Party - Image3-Mustafa Ahmed

young scavengers fight their artsy battle out. The party works wonders when there are interesting stations – clay modelling, poster painting, temporary tattoo parlours – to keep the children engaged and excited.

When the kids arrive at the venue, hand out inexpensive white tee-shirts before the colours get splashing.

4. Sound of music

How does a huge disco ball in the middle of the living room appeal to your six-year old? If music and dance are your child’s thing, a disco-themed party will get all the dancers and party-goers grooving. Design a make-shift music station with a teen or an adult acting as the DJ for the evening and soon enough the kids will be rolling on the floor with cool moves and peppy beats.

Sparkling glares, quirky hats and masks made of feathers and fabric will add to the glamour of the home-style club and the young dudes and divas will be happy to carry their disco-accessories back home as their valuable souvenir.


  1. Old-school picnic

 Head out to the park or drive off to the countryside to enjoy some quality family time while celebrating your little one’s special day. Picnic is a fail-proof idea which delights every child alike. The very idea of running about in the open, basking in the green of nature is sure to appeal to both the children and adults. The upside of a picnic is that it doesn’t require much preparation, all that’s required is to pack your child’s favourite lunch, some energizers, a pair of badminton rackets and you are off for good.