Booking Children Entertainers: What’s In It for You?

Children love party entertainers. The magic show they do is a great spectacle. The interactive games they play are engaging. Other activities like face painting give much delight. All of these are more about what children party entertainers can do for the kids, but what can they offer us parents?

Entertainers give you more time on your hands.

Choosing games, thinking of activities, booking a venue, buying party needs and prizes, preparing food, and deciding on a theme are just some of the tasks you need to tick off when planning your kid’s party. This can be very time consuming, especially for working parents who do not have a lot of freedom in their schedule.

Entertainers take care of the games and activities that are sure to keep your guests fascinated. You no longer need to stress about what needs to be done to maintain the children’s attention. When you book an entertainer, you are ticking off about half of the tasks you need to worry about. Thus, having more time to work on other elements like food and decorations.

Entertainers make you feel at ease during the party.

Since you don’t need to provide the entertainment yourself, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the party. Have you not seen some of your guests in quite some time? Go ahead and catch up with them. Socializing during the party is actually possible, even for parents. Do you have a knack of documenting your child’s life through pictures? You have the freedom to take all the photos you want and not miss a wondrous moment.

One of the things that contribute to the parents’ stress is when children throw tantrums or cry their hearts out. Thankfully, entertainers are trained to keep children engaged and bring out more smiles than tears, more laughter than tantrums.

Entertainers take the toughest responsibility of all: keeping the children entertained.

Children are the most difficult audience to please. Being parents, you have surely experienced how hard it is to get things in order. They get easily distracted and have short attentions spans. They tend to be pre-occupied with things besides the party itself.

Aside from making sure the children are well supervised, parents also need to make sure the adults are entertained, the schedule is followed, and the party is enjoyable overall.

By booking an entertainer, you can be confident that the children are being watched over. The entertainer will surely keep them mesmerized and engrossed with the fun and games that have been prepared for them. There is not a dull moment from beginning to end.

Yabadoo Kids’ Parties Entertainers have been intensively trained to handle kids of all ages. Their background in theatre and drama adds to the illusion of the theme you choose. Our fairies and wizards turn your party into a magical land. Our princesses treat your children like royalty. Our not-scary clowns give tear-jerking laughs. We also have pirates, superheroes, cowboys, and other characters you and your child will surely love!

Yabadoo Kids’ Parties gives you the chance to throw an incredible and memorable party for your child, without the pressure that come along with it. Have questions? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you out. Ready to take the plunge? View our packages and  book with us today!