Quick Guide to Planning Your Child’s First Birthday

Celebrating milestones in life are what people want to do – graduation, weddings, anniversaries and the like. But out of all the milestones there is, celebrating the 1st birthday of a child is towards the top of the list.

As parents, we would want everything to be perfect from the decorations to the food, the venue to the entertainer. We even go through our guest list over and over to make sure that we have have not forgotten anyone.

The most difficult part in the planning is the deciding theme you will be using. It can be a fairy or princess party for girls, or a wizard or superhero party for boys. Don’t fret cause once this has been decided on, everything will fall into place.

To help you out, here are the basic elements you will need to plan your child’s first party:


Take into consideration the busy schedule of the people you are going to invite. Give them ample time to block off their calendars. Notifying them three to four weeks before the event is a good rule of thumb. Make sure that the invitation will be attractive – be creative in incorporating yourFood


What party does not serve food? You would not want hungry children or sugar-rushed kids running around. Be aware of allergies the children might have. Present the food according to your theme. Make it delicious and easy to eat.


The usual highlight of the party is the singing of the birthday song and the cutting of the cake. Keep in mind that your cake should be decorative and be in accordance with your party theme. Make sure that the size of the cake is large enough for everyone to have a piece of it. Better too much than too little!


Children will love a colorful party venue. Use loads of banners, ribbons, and balloons to make the place look festive. The decorations must reflect the party theme as well.

Party Favours

What is the best way for the children to remember your kid’s first birthday party? By giving them a token to take home, of course! You may purchase party favours or create them yourself.


Entertainers will help in keeping the children occupied. Yabadoo Kids’ Parties offers a variety of characters you can choose from: pirates, wizards, magicians, clowns, fairies, princesses, and a whole lot more. Booking an entertainer takes a load off your shoulders and gives you more freedom to enjoy the party.

This is just a guide to the basic essentials of a party. You can add more to this list and add a personal touch to it. The key here is to make the party simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Yabadoo Kids Parties can take care of the entertainment for your party. We guarantee to make it as fun and memorable for kids and adults alike. We’d love to hear from you — contact us now!